Life on Little CaymanLife on the island is relaxed, very safe and uniquely friendly. Little Cayman is remote but surprisingly accessible. The island's population of less than 200 is rarely outnumbered by the tourists. Going for a short stroll along the main road may take you quite awhile as almost every local car will stop and ask if they can give you a lift. Restaurants are primarily located within the resorts on the island but the Hungry Iguana is always open to visitors. Getting around Little Cayman is a snap. Little Cayman has a jeep rental agency or you can hop on one of the bikes available at the house. Most everything is just a bike ride away.

The air temperatures range from 70º to 86º (21º to 30º C) in winter and 80º to 90º F (27º to 32º C) in summer. The summer water temperatures stay steadily around 85ºF and drops to about 76º to 80ºF (24º to 27ºC) in the winter. A light wet suit is recommended if you are planning on diving.

The area code for the Cayman Islands is 345. To call from the United States or Canada, dial 1 + 345 + phone number.

Cayman and US money are used throughout the island. The fixed exchange rate is $1.25 US to the Cayman dollar (CI $). . Traveler's checks and credit cards are accepted.

There is a fulltime nurse and EMT at the local clinic and twice weekly visits by a doctor from Cayman Brac. A recompression chamber is located in the Georgetown Hospital in Grand Cayman. Faith Hospital on Cayman Brac provides emergency and medical services for both of the Sister Islands.

While crime is almost non-existent, there are two full time policepersons on the island. (One just became a mother!)